HI! I'M Abiola

Hi you! Welcome! My name is Abiola and I am glad to have you here. I describe myself as an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey. Through the calling on my life, I have been blessed to live my purpose, helping women like me change their stories, inspire them to discover their purpose and take action. But it has not always been like that.

Growing up, I experienced first hand what it felt like to be told that your voice did not matter. I lived in the shadow of everybody and I just did everything because I was told to do it. For the longest time, I thought my difference was abornmal and I hated that part of me. I spent the better part of my years numbing it down. 

This led me to living with low self esteem, lack of confidence, unworthiness, becoming a mother at the age of 20, a singe mother at the age of 23 and going through toxic relationships that led me no where. 

After living in constant pain, I knew my choices were ruining me and I had to do better. I went from confusion to conviction and quickly realized that I had the answer I was looking for. I made a promise to God that if he saved me, I will spend the rest of my life serving and surrendering myself to be used as the vessel God created me to be.

When I am not recording, writing or speaking, I love to hang out with my family, my hubby, and 11 year old son. I also love to cook, I love to watch people eat, I watch a lot of cooking shows and mukbangs on YouTube. I love to read, I love to be outdoors learning something new. Want to keep in touch, click on the link below and I will be sure to add you to my circle so you can get your hands on any juicy content I send out, I love you!