Abiola is an International Speaker. She is the founder of Steady Steps, a platform which seeks to empower people to change their  stories, seek their purpose and be who they were created to be. Her 

platform has been able to reach hundreds of people.


From confusion to conviction, Abiola's courage has been admired by people worldwide and helped people breakthrough their current cycle so they can change their stories from No I can't to YES I CAN. 


Abiola has shared her story of her tenacity and determination to break out of her toxic cyce and make the choice to rewrite her story on different platofrms. Some of which include The Confident Women's Empowerment Conference 2018;  The Found Voices Conference 2018 and The Speak Life Vision Board Tour 2018. 


Abiola loves to hang out with her family, she loved to cook, watch mukbangs on YoTube. She loves to be outdoors scouting for something new to learn or an event to attend. Interested in having Abiola speak at your event? Please click on the link below to fill out a contact form and someone from our team will get back to you. 


Abiola at The Speak Life Vision Board Paint Party Tour 2018

Abiola at The Confident Women's Empowerment Conference 2018