The Blessing of The Wait depicts my journey from letting go of my strong desire to want to be accepted by society to now finding myself in God, surrendering to him and following the path he created for me. 


 As a woman who is currently on her journey to self discovery and fulfilling her purpose, Abiola understands the challenges that comes from a society that asks people to fit in, be perfect, conform, aim at reaching specific milestones, basically do everything but what God has created them to be.

Through this book, she shares a message that shows that we are as human beings are not just created to exist, but we are created to live. Burning questions that come up through reading this book include who am I? what have I been placed on earth to do? What is my purpose? The Blessing of The Wait is a story that reminds everyone of God’s intended purpose for their creation. It unfolds the challenges and roadblocks that show up through this journey called life which aims at taking us right back to the loving arms of God. It is a story that encourages and reminds us to seek God first and everything else will follow. 


About the Author


Abiola Makanjuola is a coach, author and an International Speaker. She is the founder of Steady Steps, a platform which seeks to empower female influencers change their stories from 'no I cant' to 'YES I CAN' so they can let go of self sabotage, societal pressure and be who God created them to be. She is also the host of The God Factor podcast, a podcast that focuses on what it looks like to have a one on one relationship with God. Her platform has been able to reach hundreds of people. She currently lives in Canada with her family.